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Smart call forwarding with Virtual Landline

Call Forwarding

Virtual Landline is an easy to set up call forwarding service offering high-quality call diverts at affordable prices. 

The service is contract-free and ideal for businesses or individuals who want to forward incoming calls to a landline or mobile. It allows up to 5 redirect numbers that can be easily managed via an online portal and a variety of business phone features that compliment the service and give it a more professional flair. You can choose from a wide range of local numbers and some of the cheapest London numbers in the UK as well as a selection of 0800 or 0330 national business number.

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It's more than just a phone number

Besides the usual phone number forwarding, Virtual Landline offers the opportunity to make outbound calls from your virtual number. To take advantage of this feature, you'll need to download our handy mobile app or get a VOIP desk phone, so you have a preconfigured device from where you can make the outbound calls. You can also convert your old handset into a VOIP quality pone by using our Buzz Box.  

One of the benefits of forwarding calls to a mobile or landline is to ensure that you are there to receive important business calls and not miss out on potential leads. But having the ability to call back your customers by using your virtual number shows your company as a more professional and credible business partner.

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