Why choose Virtual Landline?

It's more than just a number

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Virtual Landline is a cloud-based UK (01/02/033/0800) telephone number that allows you to decide where to answer your incoming calls:

  • On a free app
  • On your mobile
  • On another landline

 Virtual Landline also allows you to make outbound calls on the same account using our free app, at low cost, whilst sending out the same caller ID.

 This makes Virtual Landline ideal for small businesses or start-ups that want to advertise a local number for business cards or websites or anyone that wants a UK landline number without being tied to a physical address. Virtual Landline is perfect if you are moving house and want to keep your old number.

 So for only £5.95 per month, you get a new phone line that gives you all the flexibility you need at half the cost of a new BT line. There is even a free voicemail to email service to ensure you never miss a call.